4th June-Comrades Marathon 2017

Pinnacle had a number of clients who embarked on this life changing experience. Two of our Bios (Julia Williams and Sue Pearson) and our Massage Therapist (Graeme MacCallum) registered to run the 2017 Comrades Marathon. Juls unfortunately had to pull out due to injury leaving Graeme and Sue representing Pinnacle and their running club Born2Run. As a South African, the start is so inspirational… you become proudly South African and get swept up by the emotion which is probably why most of us end up right back at the start the following year.

The question presented to most of us is: Why? Why put yourself through a painfully long and tiring day? What is the purpose? Here is one answer: “Its the most amazing day, the emotions are indescribable. Firstly you pat yourself on the back just to get through the training, and secondly as the race goes on you notice how the ‘human condition’ is completely stripped and brought right down to what we all strive to be, pure and compassionate. The race humbles you! Whether you are an elite or just the average runner, crossing the finish line is the closest emotions one will feel to that of the first runner”. 2018 here we come!!!!!