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Isokinetic Testing

Pinnacle Health and Wellness has a Biodex Isokinetic Machine

An isokinetic machine is a rehabilitative exercise device that is used to measure, evaluate, and increase the strength of muscles and the range of motion of joints. The isokinetic machine is a specialised piece of equipment that provides variable resistance to a movement at a constant speed.

Isokinetic testing can be used to measure muscle strength and identify potentially harmful weaknesses. Reports can show any deficits between dominant vs non-dominant or injured vs uninjured sides as well as potential strength norms relative to the patient’s weight.

Benefits of Isokinetic Testing include:

  • Quantitative measurements of strength.
  • Resistance is accommodated based on the patient’s capability and joint movement is set specific to the patient, making it a safe method of testing.
  • Progress Reports available after repeat testing.
  • Excellent for Pre- and Post-operative testing.