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Luke Steggman

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, ‘because of you I didn’t give up.’ ” – Evan Carmichael.

Sport and physical activity teach us so many valuable life lessons and it certainly taught me many things growing up. I learned to face hardships and adversity, about humility, teamwork, communication and dedication among other things.

After a school career filled with enjoyment on the sporting field and having had opportunities to travel, represent my province and learn valuable life lessons through sport and physical activity, I decided that studying and choosing a career where I could give others a similar opportunity, was fitting.

Initially, I coached waterpolo and rugby at Jeppe High School for Boys after school and began studying sports psychology to understand the mental side of sports better and to help others cope and learn from this. I qualified as a biokineticist in 2011 and was excited to be able to offer others an opportunity to help them get healthy and experience the enjoyment and benefits of sport and physical activity.

Together with the coaching, I have found my profession to be very rewarding. I get to watch people break their boundaries almost every day, on their journey to getting fit and healthy.

I have found myself leaning towards 2 specific areas lately and begun to pay a little more attention to them, possibly because I can relate to them. Firstly, I really enjoy working with sports people   struggling with orthopaedic injuries and poor biomechanics. Secondly I enjoy helping young children who are suffering with certain abnormalities preventing them from participating in activities or limiting their level of participation. I think it is important to give as many people possible the opportunity to participate in physical activity.